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Watch our training video

The video shows one of our top-performing models demonstrating how she became a successful webcam model. You’ll greatly increase your chances of success if you watch the video and follow her advice.

Watch the top-performing models on our website.

  • Visit our website and click the Join Now! button to sign up as a MEMBER (it’s free). This will give you unlimited free viewing time. You can watch without signing up, but it will kick you out of the model’s room after a few minutes. Make sure not to confuse your Member login with your Model login. To broadcast, you must login as a Model, NOT as a Member.

  • The top models appear at the top of the home page, in the first few rows.

  • Watch how they interact with customers, how they dress, etc… Feel free to chat with them as well, and ask them questions. You should spend as much time as possible watching other models before you start working. This will help you understand how everything works and make you feel more comfortable.

General Advice

  • You run the show, NOT the members. They will try to push you around, beg you to show your body for free, ask for “sneak previews”, etc… Don’t buy into any of that BS. If they want to see your tits, they need to tip you FIRST, not after. If they want to see you fully nude, they need to take you private.

  • Wear something sexy like bra/panties and make eye contact with the camera while you’re chatting with them, but every now and then, stand up or position yourself in a way that they can see your entire body.

  • The green and blue members have credits, so focus most of your attention on them. Yellow members have no credits, but you should still be nice to them. Remember that every Green and Blue member started out as a Yellow member, so if you’re rude to Yellow members, you’re only hurting yourself in the long run.

  • Greet each member who enters the room and have something interesting to talk about. Don’t just sit there and expect them to throw money at you; that will never work.

  • When you get a private, you don’t need to immediately rip your clothes off and start masturbating. Instead,, chat with them for a few minutes to get them warmed up and run the clock out a bit. Don’t be easy. If the member is in a hurry, he’ll tell you so, but many members enjoy the foreplay and the longer the show lasts, the more money you make.

  • It takes time to build up a clientele. You have to get to know the guys and keep track of them. Ask them personal questions and get to know them. A lot of these guys are lonely and looking for a virtual girlfriend. If they feel like you actually care about them, rather than just trying to take their money, they’ll end up spending a lot more on you.

  • Talk to them like you’d talk to guys in a bar, tease them flirt with them. The idea is to develop a relationship with these guys, so they get hooked on talking to you and want to come back for more. A pussy is a pussy. Yours is surely nice, but it doesn’t make you unique. What makes you unique is your personality. If you can become a virtual girlfriend to these guys, they’ll spend hours talking to you in private. You can literally ask them anything or talk to them about anything. Ask the member about his wife, kids, what turns him on, what his fantasies are. Ask where he lives, where he grew up, what he does for work, etc… Of course, YOU should NEVER reveal ANY real personal information about yourself. Instead, make stuff up! Create a character for yourself and play that character. It doesn’t really matter, it’s all just fantasy anyway.

  • If a member wastes your time with endless jibber jabber, never tipping you or taking you private, punish him by ignoring him and talking to other guys. If members want your attention, they need to open their wallets, not just play around in free chat.

  • Many men have deep interracial fetishes. Try investing in a big black dildo and talk to them about how much you love huge black cock. I guarantee that will drive many of these guys crazy.

  • If you’re naturally a bitch, don’t be afraid to show it. Some members get off on being abused. If you don’t have that in you, focus on your true personality instead. The key is to BE REAL!

  • It’s all about reading the guy and figuring out what his hot button is. Once you figure it out, keep pushing it!

  • Be the most interesting girl on the site. Guys like talking to a girl who knows how to mind fuck them.

  • Once you’re in a private, it’s important to go slowly. The faster you go, the faster he cums, and then it’s game over. Tease the fuck out of them. Make them beg you to take your bra off, then make them beg to get your panties off. Some guys will get pissed off. if you sense that a guy is getting mad, then of course, speed it up, but like i said, it’s all about reading the guy. a lot of them want to be teased and taunted. You have to be able to determine if a guys is submissive or dominant. You can walk all over the submissive guys. You also have some submissive guys who try to act dominant and you can put them in their place.

  • Imagine you’re in a bar and a guy is hitting on you. How would you handle it? Would you tease him? Give him the cold shoulder? You sure wouldn’t let him boss you around, right? Pretend you’re in a bar and make them work for you. YOU ARE THE PRIZE. There’s no need to be rude, but if a guy is just jabbering away and not tipping and not taking you private, then start paying attention to someone else. he’ll get the hint.

  • Ask him if he’d approach you if he saw you in a bar and what he’d say to you. Role play it with him, get him to the point where he wants to bang you, then tell him to take you private. Get them thinking of you as a chick they see in a bar and want to bang, then you give them the opportunity to make that fantasy come true.

  • KNOW YOUR WORTH and BE CONFIDENT. Members will value you to the same degree that you value yourself.

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