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Working as a webcam model is like working as a dancer in a strip club. You earn money when members tip you or when they buy a private show. There’s no hourly pay rate.

When you login to broadcast, you’ll be in your own chat room. Members who visit the website will see you’re online and some of them may enter your room. This is called Free Chat and it’s like performing on the main stage in a strip club. Anyone can view you, but you only earn money when they tip you. In Free Chat, you’re allowed to be topless, but not fully nude. In other words, no pussy in Free Chat.

Your job is to entice members to either tip you or take you private. When members enter your room, you should greet them by name and flirt with them, tease them, chat with them, etc… Your microphone is enabled and they can hear you, so ideally you should talk to them, rather than typing. Talking is much more personal. However, if the member speaks a different language, you can type to him and our live translation feature will automatically translate the conversation between you and the member. Again, pretend you’re dancing on the main stage in a strip club. If a customer comes in and sits down in front of the stage, you’re going to greet him and try to make him feel comfortable. It’s the same thing with webcam modeling. If you don’t pay attention to members, they’re going to leave your room. Many members bounce around between different models, so don’t be offended or concerned if you see see members popping in and out of your room quickly.

Members tip you and pay for private shows using credits.. Members can tip you any amount of credits. You set the number of credits per minute for private shows. Credits are NOT the same as dollars. Credits are a currency that gets converted to dollars when we pay you. To view the conversion rates, navigate in your model account to My Profile->Rates & Percentages.

When a member requests a private show, you’ll receive a popup notification on your screen. The notification will state that the member wants to take you private and the amount of credits you’ll earn per minute. You may either accept or decline the private. If you accept the private, you’ll enter a private room with just you and the member who bought the show. Once you’re in the private, anything goes. You can show your pussy, masturbate, use toys, etc… If you have a couples account, you may have sex with your partner during the show. Other members may pay your Voyeur rate to view the show, but they may not participate. Again, you set the Voyeur rate, which should always be less than your Private Show rate. Ideally, you want as many voyeurs viewing your show as possible, because you earn credits on all of them. You can encourage more voyeurs by setting a low Voyeur rate. You earn the Voyeur rate in addition to the private show rate from the member who bought the show.

When the private show ends, you’ll be returned to Free Chat and members will again start entering your room. The more time you spend online, the more opportunities you’ll have to earn tips and privates. Besides regular private shows, we offer many other types of shows. Click on the links below to read the information about each show type.

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