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We offer our models a set price per CREDIT (token), rather than a percentage of earnings. Why?

Percentages are misleading and most sites that advertise percentages are lying about the rates. The question is, what is it a percentage OF? Are they referring to the percentage of the retail (advertised) price per minute, or the percentage of the amount the customer actually spent? Usually they’re referring to the percentage of the amount the customer actually spent, so if the site offers a discount to the customer, as sites often do, you earn the percentage of the DISCOUNTED price. For example, if the site sells tokens for $1 each and due to some special offer, the customer only pays $0.50 per token, your “percentage” just got cut in half. Additionally, many sites advertise a certain percentage, but then they deduct various “fees” from the amount your percentage is based on. Thus, the real percentage ends up being much lower than the advertised percentage.

We keep it simple and fair by offering our models a commission based on the number of CREDITS (tokens) you earn, regardless of how much the customer paid for the tokens. So, if we discount the tokens, you still earn the same amount of money. Any discounts are deducted from OUR share, not your share and we never deduct any fees. The amount you see in your earnings report is the amount you will actually receive. We also encourage you to charge higher prices by paying you a higher price per credit when you charge more. For example, when you increase your per-minute price from 2.49 to 4.99 your commission doesn’t just double, it increases by 2.5 times.

If you want to calculate the percentage, you can conservatively assume each credit sells for a retail price of $1. It’s conservative because we frequently discount our tokens and most customers end up paying less than $1 per token. Nevertheless, if you earn 20 credits for a private show, the retail price would be $20. Therefore, your percentage would be the dollar amount you earned for the show divided by $20. However, since most customers pay less than $1 per credit, your REAL percentage is usually much greater than this calculated amount.

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