Brianna Bridges – Webcam Modeling Job

My job is not for everyone. I think that’s really important, a lot of young girls see me and they like what I look like, they like what my apartment looks like, they like my pets and they think,”I want all that. But they don’t really understand the job behind it and they just see what I literally want people to see.

My name is Brianna Bridges and we are in my apartment. Alright, so let’s go into my cam room. I love my cam room, I feel like every cam model should have a space that they create for camming that is aesthetically pleasing, as well as like, comforting, because entertaining for a large audience is very nerve racking, and it takes me like two hours to get camera ready, usually. HD web camera, bright lights, you know, and everyone’s gonna be looking generally everywhere so might as well look great. Well, we’re selling, we’re generally selling a sexual fantasy much like in every other aspect of sex work. There’s like a personal aspect to it you know, you’re usually in the cam model’s own house. They are able to generally talk about themselves and somewhat be honest, maybe embellish a little bit to make themselves seem cooler, but I mean, for the most part you’re getting a really personal experience, even if you’re going there only for the boobies and the booty, you’re gonna leave with some personality whether you like it or not. There’s no way that you cannot see that the cam model is a living, breathing, feeling person.

I never actually thought that he’d be helping me. – Yeah, no. That was not the intention, but our professions kind of worked out. We work together really well, because we’re in a relationship, so that really helps. Okay, ready? – Mhm. I had never done any kind of adult stuff in front of like, recording adult stuff in front of anyone. – And I’ve never had anyone do adult things in front of me while I had to sit there and record it. – And I mean, he understands who I actually am, what I actually like, so there’s no outside expectation for me to be performing something that I don’t want.

Alright, so this is my booty mirror. I get real creative. I have a bunch of stuffed animals, which at 22-years-old I have trouble justifying. There’s like, coffee and spaghetti on him and he has a hole in his crotch, it’s very embarrassing. Being a traditionally attractive woman on the internet usually means that you’re gonna get a lot of young girls following you. That’s a new thing I had to get used to, especially with Instagram, there’s so many little girls, so I try to keep a balance of reality in there, you know, that it’s a tough job, that it requires a thick skin, that I have definitely had to learn to grow. Cause I did not have a thick skin before camming, or before social media. Being a feminist on the internet means that you’re gonna get a bunch of men that are disagreeing with you purely on that alone, or harassing you purely for that reason alone. So my being a cam model on top of being a feminist has just put a huge target on my forehead.

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